I Dare YOU! Add a sprinkling of DARE to the Dares…!

I would LOVE to know…

What is the most daring thing you can think of that Ursula Dares could do and, if you can think of something – would you like to dare me to do it? (This is not a trick question)!

When I was younger I was the teenager who you could count on to do the Dare, and the double dare – whatever that dare happened to be.

Sneaking out the house in the middle of the night, streaking down the street, sticking ketchup ridden chips up my nose, ringing door bells and doing one… I’d be the child on the rollercoaster who showed off screeching ‘look at me! No hands!’  I was mischievous and got up to no good in the best possible way. I enjoyed bunking off school; revelled in pushing the glass on the Ouija board; whispering secrets; kissing boys and riding motorbikes… in my early twenties I went to stunt school in Seattle and have always sought after adventure.  I spent years living the raving epidemic and scouting out parties – feeling truly in my element when stood on top of a speaker.

My most daring deeds are private to me – as all the best ones are.

When it came to picking a burlesque name I originally called myself- Miss Flame, I loved playing with fire (literally). Despite ‘Miss Flame’ describing my personality well I missed my birth name – Ursula. (No little mermaid jokes here please… there was also Andress)!

The name Ursula means ‘little she-bear’ and although it is rare to have a performer use their actual name – I simply don’t love any name more.  After hours of thought and scouring the web I came up with a list of 6 possible surnames to add to Ursula. I put these to my friends and family on facebook and asked them to vote their favourite. Ursula Dares was the outright winner – by far, besides, Lady Cheek would have it no other way.

I believe, as a total ‘newbie’ (to use a filthy word) as I am – my chosen name ‘dare’ has been partly responsible for helping me get gigs in my first year, I don’t know this for sure, but I have a feeling…

Nowadays I am as silly and playful as I’ve ever been and the dare has reached new heights. I am proud to announce I have begun learning trapeze – which is pushing my body to new limits in the best and most painful way.

My third act which has been in the pipeline for a while is not something you could guess at. It’s provisionally named ‘Torture Garden’ and for now I will leave it at that. It is for this act I am seeking to learn a new dare.

I have some pretty special gigs lined up this year including a debut at Lady K’s… I will keep you posted. A new addition is my first ever Oxford gig. For those of you who don’t know, Oxford is my home town, so I am super excited about performing there. Check out the details on the link below…


I will be performing my Cock-err act. If you still need a bit of persuasion here is a quote from the delectable Hotcake Kitty

‘Ursula’s energy on stage is comparable to that of a Duracell bunny! Great comedic sketches packed with nostalgia and laughs. Her ‘Cock-err’ act is one not to be missed!’

Hotcake Kitty – International Burlesque Performer & Compere

And the stand-up genius that is Chris Head

“Ursula’s committed, energetic and delightfully mad performance is a breath of fresh air.”

Chris Head Producer, director & stand-up comic

Don’t forget – Message me your Dares,

Passionate KISS

Dares x


Ursula Dares Studio Shoot for Cock-err.

Ursula Dares Studio Shoot for Cock-err.
Credit to Sin Bozkurt – Photogapher

Ursula Dares Studio Shoot for Cock-err.

Ursula Dares Studio Shoot for Cock-err.
Credit to Sin Bozkurt – Photogapher

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